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Sports Medicine Specialty

How We Can Help

COJI’s team of highly skilled surgeons are -trained in advanced arthroscopic and reconstructive techniques, with many years of experience.

Our team of healthcare professionals uses a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the most advanced treatment for all your sports-related injuries. Just as every athlete focuses on his or her particular sport, our specialists are dedicated to unique anatomical injuries and procedures unique to their expertise. We understand your desire to get back into the game and will do everything we can to make that happen safely. Because of their dynamic nature, sports injuries require specialized methods of treatment.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high school, college, or professional athlete, if you suffer an injury, you need to see a physician with the highest level of experience. Regardless of the injury or level of competition, COJI’s team’s training and experience is focused on a single goal: getting you back in the game.

Our Services include:

  • Advanced X-rays and MRI
  • Education and training for coaches, trainers and students
  • Injections
  • Injury prevention
  • Pre-screening athletic physicals
  • Surgery – Minimally invasive techniques, advanced ligament and tendon reconstruction, cartilage repair and restoration, bone and soft tissue repair and reconstruction

Team physician and athletic trainer event coverage for high school teams, triathlons, marathons and local sporting events.

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